Medical malpractice injuries change lives, 或者在某些情况下, sadly, they cause an untimely death.


At 龙8国际app, we work with clients in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo area who have suffered life-altering injuries, 或者在某些情况下, the families of those who have been lost as a result of medical malpractice.

When you visit a health care professional, you rightfully expect to receive excellent care. If doctors administer 不正确的治疗, the results can be devastating. At 凯琳法律有限公司客户端是医疗事故法的专家. 客户端可以帮你正确地提出医疗事故索赔.


Every medical professional is expected to follow a certain level of care for every patient. 这包括医生, 外科医生, 牙医, 护士, 助手, 药剂师, 以及其他医学专业人士. When one of these individuals fails to provide that expected level of care, 这可以被认为是过失, 或者医疗事故. 证明医疗事故, one would have to show that any other medical professional would have provided a higher level of care in the same situation. 客户端的律师可以帮你收集证据提出索赔.


证明医疗事故 in court, it’s necessary to demonstrate 四种元素:责任、玩忽职守、直接原因和损害赔偿.


卫生保健提供者, 诊所, and hospitals have a duty to provide a reasonable standard of care to patients. 这适用于任何有工作关系的地方, 比如去医生办公室做检查, 安排手术, 或者去急诊室.


If a medical professional violates a reasonable standard of care, this is called dereliction. 给错误的病人做手术显然违反了护理义务. Expert testimony may be required to show that competent medical professionals wouldn’t have made a mistake.


It’s necessary to prove that the physician’s actions were directly responsible for the injury. For example, a surgeon was intoxicated and made a cut that resulted in nerve damage. 证明这一点需要收集证据, which is why working with a medical malpractice attorney is important.


Damages refer to the financial consequences you experienced because of malpractice. The doctor’s mistake may have required you to pay for additional surgeries. 也许你因为这次事故丢了工作. Damages can also include emotional harm, especially in cases of sexual misconduct.



  • 无法诊断: A doctor doesn’t make the diagnosis that any competent health professional would have reached.
  • 未提醒患者风险: A doctor knows a certain treatment has serious risks but doesn’t inform the patient.
  • 不称职的治疗管理: Treatment isn’t administered correctly, such as giving the wrong dose.
  • 错误的治疗: The doctor selects a treatment that competent health professionals would avoid.


在密歇根, there are several elements to a medical malpractice claim; for example, 医患关系的存在, 适用的护理标准, 过失行为, 因果关系, 以及医疗事故造成的伤害, 比如失去生命, 残疾, 痛苦和折磨, 医疗费用和其他经济损失. Certain nuances apply to medical malpractice cases, such as the notice requirements under MCL § 600.2912(b) and a 2-year statute of limitations (in most cases, certain exceptions apply). 常见的医疗事故案件涉及手术失误, 治疗失败, 不正确的治疗, 诊断失败, 医院护理不当.


Medical malpractice cases range from extremely bizarre scenarios to mere oversight that resulted in serious consequences. Each case is unique and requires an individualized look from a malpractice attorney.


  • 外科医生在病人体内留下异物. This happens far too often, and items can range from sponges and rags to metal tools. 有时这会引起直接的健康问题, and other times the patient doesn’t know it occurred until years later when his or her health starts failing due to the object.
  • 药剂师开错了药. Sometimes the prescription is filled with a higher strength of the right medication, and other times the patient receives a completely different medication than what was prescribed. 在很多情况下, this is discovered quickly when the patient has adverse reactions to the medication, or when the health issue that required a prescription fails to improve.
  • 医生不能正确诊断病情. This can be tricky because sometimes a doctor truly can’t diagnose correctly based on the information he or she has. The doctor may put the patient through test after test without the right results to make a diagnosis. If any other doctor could have diagnosed the illness after performing the same tests, 然而, 这可能被视为玩忽职守.
  • 一个医院员工没有遵守规定. Perhaps a nurse at the hospital ignored an emergency call or a hospital staff member didn’t complete sanitation measures. 这种情况即使不会危及生命,也会很严重.


At 龙8国际app客户端有一群专业人士竭诚为您服务. With years of experience in a wide range of areas of the law in Michigan, 客户端是处理医疗事故的专家. We believe every patient should be given the opportunity for a better life, 而且你身边还有个医疗律师, we work hard to ensure you are compensated if a medical professional fails to provide you with proper care. We serve the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, MI areas, so give us a call!

Medical malpractice cases are complicated; thus, 与有经验的律师讨论你的案子是很重要的. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a medical malpractice life altering injury, our attorneys would be available to discuss your options and explore your case. 您可以在线龙8国际app或拨打客户端的电话 (269) 382-4818 来评估你的情况.


每个病人都是独一无二的. Many patients seek malpractice compensation for medical bills and expenses, 还有一些人想要的是正义和内心的平静. Parents may pursue damages over lost work possibilities to continue providing for family members. At 龙8国际app, 客户端的客户都遭受了改变人生的伤害, 或者在某些情况下, the families of those who have been lost as a result of medical malpractice. 龙8国际app 马上或打电话 (269) 382-4818 寻求帮助.

亚当·凯伦是客户端的律师, 他工作非常细致,非常专业, 以及真正关心他的客户. We would highly recommend you using Adam Keilen for your legal services. 他配得上所有的五星,甚至更多. 他会把工作做完的!

——Jennifer Zabavski